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Air shipping

Airfreight is the fastest transportation mode to deliver goods. It is used both domestically and internationally. There are a number of characteristics that need to be considered before choosing airfreight to deliver your cargo. It is transport logistics company’s job to provide the following information:

  • estimate cost of shipment
  • find out if there is a possibility to ship cargo on a regular flight
  • compare departure time with delivery deadline
  • identify delivery time to cargo terminal from shipper's warehouse
  • prepare all necessary paperwork

Airfreight costs depend on whether the cargo is on a direct flight or not. When there are no direct flights, your cargo will be shipped using “transfer method” whereby cargo is transferred from one aircraft to another at an intermediate airport. To lower costs of transportation by air, packaging of any cargo and its placing have to be thoroughly considered as it is the most expensive type of freight. In a situation where a small part of your cargo does not fit in the container, it is advisable to leave it in a storage temporarily to avoid paying a considerable sum for its transportation.


Before you decide to choose airfreight as a method of transportation of your goods, it is important to weigh all pros and cons. Seeking a professional advice will help you to make the right decision. Transport logistic company " OptimaTransService" specializes in all types of transportation and also is able to match the best method to suit your business requirements.